Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Monthly payments are made to foster parents to cover the cost of adding another person to the household and in meeting other material needs of a child. All children in foster care have a medical card that covers their medical expenses.

The potential to adopt is there when a biological parent’s rights are terminated and the child will not be returning to another family member. KVC works in collaboration with the State of Kentucky when adoptive placements are needed.

Placements can vary from a week to many months depending on the child’s specific situation.

In addition to training, each foster child will have a Foster Care Clinician Specialist to assist you in meeting the needs of the child. Monthly Treatment Team meetings are held where decisions about the child’s care are made collaboratively. All therapy and case management for the child are provided in the home, at school or in the community, and the intensity and frequency of services vary based on the needs of the child.

Initially there will be a 30-hour pre-service training that will prepare you for your first placement.  Foster parents are then required to complete 30 more hours of continuing education over the year provided by KVC. All of our trainings are targeted towards building your skills and increasing your knowledge base.

Absolutely, We know every family has different strengths and needs, and we work hand-in-hand with you to make sure the placement is set up for success.

Children who have been removed from their homes due to neglect or abuse go through the Children’s Review Program which seeks to place them in a temporary therapeutic foster home.