Family Preservation and Reunification Virtual Therapy Services

Family Preservation

KVC Kentucky’s Family Preservation & Reunification Services help to strengthen families and keep children safely at home rather than entering into foster care.

Preservation and reunification services are available to children who are at risk of out-of-home placement or are reunifying home from foster care or residential care.

KVC Kentucky has recently accelerated our use of virtual therapy in response to the current public health crisis. KVC Kentucky will be providing virtual therapy to families served in our Family Preservation and Reunification Services program during this time with the aim of following the guidelines established by the CDC and the recommendations provided by State of Kentucky regarding minimizing risk of exposure and containing the spread of the coronavirus. The use virtual therapy will allow our trained professionals to provide therapeutic services, resources and support to families across all of KVC Kentucky’s service regions.

What is Virtual Therapy?

Virtual therapy is the use of digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to access health care services remotely and manage your behavioral health care needs.

Wraparound Care Plan

We utilize a service team approach to develop a collaborative care plan that is designed to help children live successfully at home and in the community. Team members meet frequently to assess progress, develop goals and interventions, and put crucial support systems in place.

By utilizing innovations in virtual therapy during the COVID-19 crisis, our skilled professionals are able to continue:

  • Providing wraparound services designed to build supports for each family.
  • Teaching parenting, household management, relationship-building and other skills to family members.
  • Strengthening family members’ voices in their own treatment and goals.
  • Collaborating with community partners to coordinate care for families


  • Help families remain safely together.
  • Divert children from being placed in foster care or a residential treatment center.
  • Assist in the reunification of children from out-of-home placement.
  • Improve family relationships

What do Virtual Therapy Services Mean for Me?

KVC’s provision of virtual therapy is to best meet our client’s needs and reduce barriers associated with office-based care. It means that we can conveniently and effectively provide therapy for you in your home.

  • No travel time or sitting in waiting rooms.
  • Your provider can better understand the opportunities and barriers that you face in your everyday environment.

“Our in-home and community-based services empower individuals and families daily to create positive changes in their lives. Always focused on our consumers, we are evolving to best serve Kentucky communities including such innovations as a Walk-In Assessment Clinic, school-based clinics and expanding substance use treatment services.”

Gina Klyachkin
President, KVC Kentucky

What You Need to Participate in Virtual Therapy

  • Device such as computer, Chromebook, cellphone with camera and Internet access
  • Stable and secure Internet connection
  • Confidential space
  • Natural supports to use in case of emergency
  • Sessions must be held within State of Kentucky

We understand that life is busy and it can be difficult to get to appointments in an office. KVC Kentucky works to find ways to make services accessible and is excited to offer virtual therapy to our clients to eliminate the barriers to accessing needed care and support.

How Can I Make a Referral?

Family Preservation and Reunification Services are a collaboration between DCBS and KVC Kentucky. All referrals are made by DCBS.

*Family Preservation & Reunification Services is a collaboration between Department for Community Based Services (DCBS) and KVC Kentucky, funded through the state of Kentucky and federal funding.