Mission, Vision, and Values

Values Header

KVC Kentucky operates on many belief statements and guiding values that structure how we help our clients.  State leaders, parents and communities put their faith in us to advocate for children and families.  KVC provides a vast service care array with a primary focus on in-home and community based services.  Our Diversion and Family Preservation Programs are geared towards keeping families intact and safe.  KVC also offers an adolescent substance abuse program to help them recover from addiction to dangerous and illegal substances.  Our Behavioral Health Services provides therapy and connects clients to community support resources. Our basic and specialized Foster Care Programs provide loving homes and therapy for children in foster care.  All of our programs directly benefit the lives of 10,000 children, adolescents, and adults across eight regions of the state.

KVC’s Vision

To ensure every person is safe and connected to a strong family and a healthy community.

KVC’s Mission

To enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education.

KVC’s Values

We have operated under a strong set of values that guide all the work we do. We’ve become who we are by asking “What would you want for your child?” and remembering “Children grow best in families” and “Excellence is not an act; it’s a habit.” We recently refreshed the language of our values, making them shorter and broader to cover all of our programs. Our values are:

  • The heart of our work is helping people.
  • Our character is built on authenticity and compassion.
  • Family connection drives our culture.
  • Collaboration fuels our improvement.
  • Urgency and innovation mark our approach.
  • Diverse perspectives are key to our progress.