Behavioral Health Services

At KVC Kentucky, we have built our reputation on the highly effective in-home Behavioral Health Services we have provided for over 15 years.  Until recently these services consisted only of IMPACT Plus which targeted children who were at risk of being removed from the home due to complex behavioral needs affecting the home, community and school domains.  Now, however,  we are excited to serve a much wider population, including adults, with the same in-home approach that has been so effective for KVC for years.

How Does it Work?

Our skilled and professional Master’s level therapists and case managers are trained to treat children and adults in their natural environment with interventions targeted at their specific needs.  At the start of treatment, a clinician will make contact with the patient (and parents if the patient is a minor) to do a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation in order to develop a detailed plan alongside the patient based on the patient’s individual needs.  KVC professional staff are trained in a number of industry leading evidence-based practices which will structure the individualized approach given to each patient.  Here is a short list of evidence -based practices incorporated on a daily basis at KVC:

•    Trauma Focused CBT (TFCBT)
•    Motivational Interviewing
•    Parent – Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT)
•    Child – Adult Relationship Enhancement (CARE Skills)
•    Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
•    Nurturing Parenting Program
•    Trauma Systems Therapy (TST)

KVC uses a service team approach with each patient to develop a collaborative care plan, which is designed to help children live successfully at home and in the community and adults leverage their support system as much as possible.  Team members meet regularly or as frequently as needed to assess progress, develop goals and interventions and put crucial support systems in place.

KVC serves counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky.  Please contact our office for service availability.

Click here to view our KVC Behavioral HealthCare Services Brochure.