Meet Our Team


Gina Klyachkin, LCSW, LICSW, MSW,

Jarrod Dungan, BA

Vice President of Operations

Taylor Breeding, LCSW, MSW

Senior Director of Clinical Practice and Advancement

Megan Moore, DSW, CSW

Senior Director of Innovation and Impact

Psychiatry Practitioners

Zachary Cornett, APRN


Travis Adams, LPCC

Director, Jefferson County Referral and Support Services

Denise Jones, LCSW, MSW, MBA,

Director of Quality Management

Family First Prevention and Reunification Services (FFPRS)

Amanda Alley, LCSW

FFPRS Program Director, Northeastern Region

Rita Crutcher, LPCC

FFPRS Program Director, Eastern Mountain Region

Sonia Epps, BASW

FFPRS Director of Administration

Kimberly Christie Miller, LCSW, MSW

FFPRS Director of Clinical Services

Ashley Palmer, LCSW, MSW

FFPRS Program Director, Northern Bluegrass Region

Michael Stone, LCSW, MSW

FFPRS Program Director, Salt River Trail Region

Isaac Tandy, LCSW, MSW

FFPRS Director, Jefferson County

Tina Taylor, LPCC, M.A.

FFPRS Program Director, Southern Bluegrass Region

Lydia Akin, LCSW

Associate Director, Salt River Trail Region

Angela Combs, LCSW, MSW

Associate Director, Northeastern Region

Lorinda Cowan, LCSW, MSSW

Associate Director, Southern Bluegrass
Jerry Grugin

Jerry Grugin, LCSW

Associate Director, Northern Bluegrass Region

Whitney Parsons, LPCC, NCC, M.Ed

Associate Director, Eastern Mountain Region

Tracy Perkins, LCSW, MSW

Associate Director of Clinical Services, Southern Bluegrass Region
Ashley Straka

Ashley Straka, LCSW, MSW

Associate Director, Northeastern Region

Leigh Ann Sweasy, LMFT

Associate Director, Salt River Trail Region
Norma Jean Thomas KVC Kentucky

Norma Jean Thomas, LPCA

Associate Director, Eastern Mountain

Whitney Vincent

Associate Director, Jefferson

Kentucky Strengthening Ties and Empowering Parents (KSTEP)

Adam Atherton, LPCC

KSTEP Director, Cumberland Region

Amanda Moline

Director of Family Preservations, KSTEP Salt River Trail

Tammy Smallwood, LCSW, MSW

KSTEP Director/Foster Care Treatment Director, Northeastern Region

Michelle Cagle

Associate Director, Salt River Trail Region

Joshua Freeman

KSTEP Associate Director, Cumberland Region

Danielle Keller

KSTEP Associate Director, Salt River Trail Region

Casey Logan

KSTEP Associate Program Director, Northeastern Region

Billie Love, CSW, MSSW

KSTEP Associate Director, Salt River Trail Region

Behavioral Health Services

David Synder, MA, LPCC-S

Director of Behavioral Health Services,

Janet Lewis, LMFT

MST Supervisor

Tina Ripley, LCSW, MSW

BHS Team Leader

Support Team

Katherine Tucker

Director of Office Operations

Kathy Burke


Linda Wilson

Human Resources Manager

Kent Conder, MA

Training Specialist

Jessica Langley, BS

Training and Quality Improvement Specialist

April Harris, BASW, LSW

AR Manager

Jennifer Hisel, CPhT

Billing Specialist

Miles Hill

Talent Acquisition Recruiter