Meet Our Team


Gina Klyachkin, MSW, LCSW, LICSW

Jarrod Dungan, BA

Vice President of Operations

Taylor Breeding, MSW, LCSW

Clinical Director

Megan Moore, MSW, CSW

Director of Training, Compliance and Development

Dr. Marc Cruser, MD


Denise Jones, MBA, MSW, LCSW

Associate Director of Compliance and Quality Assurance

Program and Regional Directors

Joann Chavez-Holder, MSW, LCSW

Director of Behavioral Health Services

Sonia Epps, BASW

Director of Family Preservation and Reunification Administration

Tammy Smallwood, MSW, LCSW

Foster Care Treatment Director

Eric Wilkinson, MSW, LCSW

Comprehensive Community Support Associates Supervisor

David Snyder, LPCC, JSOCC

BHS/AODE Clinical Services Supervisor

Katie Jones, MSW, LCSW

Behavioral Health Services Supervisor

Laura Whitmer, MSW, LCSW

Behavioral Health Services Supervisor

Tracy Perkins, MSW, LCSW

FPRS Program Director, Bluegrass Fayette

Shevan Threats, MSW, LCSW

FPRS Program Director, KIPDA Rural

Kimberly Christie Miller, MSW, LCSW

FPRS Program Director, Northern Bluegrass

Violet Miller, MS, LPA

FPRS Program Director, Kentucky River

Rita Crutcher, LPCC

FPRS Program Director, Big Sandy

Jessica Bayless, MED, LPCA, MCC

Gateway/Buffalo Trace

Tina Derifield, M.A. LPCC

FPRS Program Director, Bluegrass Rural

Amanda Alley, LCSW

FPRS Program Director, FIVCO

Support Team

Kathy Burke


Katherine Tucker

Director of Office Operations

Linda Wilson

Human Resources Manager

Jessica Langley, BS

Training and Quality Improvement Specialist

Meredith Meyer, BA

Marketing and Outreach Coordinator

April Harris, BASW, LSW

AR Manager

Joyce Moore

Billing Specialist

Jennifer Hisel, CPhT

Billing Specialist

Kevin Highley

Application Developer