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The 2017 Challenge has concluded! Thank you to all who registered!

Is your company up for the challenge? Bluegrass Wellness at Work is a five week wellness challenge aimed at encouraging your employees to get moving! Your company or organization will compete as a team against other organizations of a similar size:

  •  Small: less than 25 employees
  •  Medium: 25-99 employees
  •  Large: 100+ employeesHealth and Fitness Vectors- GREY-06

Employees participate by recording and updating their daily activities, in 15 minute increments, either via our app or website as well as sync their personal Fitbit personal fitness device to the App for effortless point tracking. And just added – participating organizations can sponsor the challenge!  The company that has the highest level of participation in each class will be named “The Healthiest Place to Work”.

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Our challenge is designed to work hand-in-hand with your company’s current wellness program. One week after the challenge ends, the results will be tallied and we will hold a celebration to announce the winners and bring you together with fellow competitors!

  • Click the button below to register for the Bluegrass Wellness at Work Fitness Challenge. The for-profit organization fee is $250 and the non-profit organization fee is $100.
  • One liaison per team is required for weekly communication and stats delivery.
  • After completing payment, your team liaison will receive a Welcome email and instructions on how to get your team ready to rock!
  • Organize and encourage your team!


We love our sponsors! Thank you!

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Sponsorship Opportunities

For questions about the BGWAW Challenge 2018, or to Sponsor next years challenge, contact Meredith Meyer,

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Read about the 2017 Challenge Results

Privacy Statement:

While using the Bluegrass Wellness at Work app or website, personally identifiable information will be collected such as your name, email address and information from personal fitness tracking devices. This and all personal data will only be used for the Bluegrass Wellness at Work Fitness Challenge and will not be shared with outside parties at any time.

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