About the Challenge

Bluegrass Wellness At Work offers your business or organization a way to be recognized as one of the healthiest places to work in the Bluegrass and the opportunity to prove it through competing in a Fitness Challenge.

Healthiest Places to Work

Be recognized as a healthy place to work by participating in the Fitness Challenge and filling out a Wellness Survey which asks about the wellness initiatives at your workplace. Your Wellness Survey shows that you emphasize workplace wellness beyond participation in the Fitness Challenge, your business/organization can be recognized at the Silver or Gold level by demonstrating that you are engaging in two (Silver) or three (Gold) workplace initiatives in each of the following categories: physical fitness, culture, health, and nutrition. Businesses/organizations engaged in at least four initiatives in each category will be recognized at the Platinum level, as the very best of the best, and innovation may also receive special recognition.

The Fitness Challenge

This five week fitness challenge is aimed at encouraging your employees to get moving. Your business/orginazation is your team and you will be competing against teams of similar size: Small (>25 employees; Medium (25-99 employees); Large (100+ employees). Each team must designate a contact person who will be the team coordinator.  Participating employees use our smart phone app or website to keep track of the number of minutes they exercise during each week of the fitness challenge. The team that has the highest level of participation in each class wins at the end of the five weeks.


Fitness Points are scored in 15 minute increments. 15 minutes of exercise/activity earns the participant 1 Fitness Point. The overall team score will be calculated by dividing the total number of Fitness Points by the number of employees in the business/organization. For example, a business with 25 employees which scores 300 total Fitness Points will earn a score of 12 (300/25).

How to Participate

  1. Click the button below to register for the Bluegrass Wellness at Work Fitness Challenge. The for-profit organization fee is $250 and the non-profit organization fee is $100. Ask us about sponsoring! Email mmeyer@kvc.org to learn how your company can get recognized.
  2. After completing payment, you will receive a welcome email and a receipt for your registration.
  3. Organize and encourage your team to lead you to victory!

Become a Sponsor

Sponsoring the Bluegrass Wellness at Work fitness challenge gives employers more recognition and opportunities to achieve workplace wellness. Click here for more information.

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