Featured Community Partners

Christian Appalachian Project


KVC is proud to partner with the Christian Appalachian Project (CAP) to help our clients.  CAP has donated food, clothing, school supplies and other support to KVC, which has helped us improve people’s lives in one of the most economically disadvantaged areas in the nation.   CAP’s mission is building hope and transforming lives through service in Appalachia.  We thank CAP for aiding KVC as well as all the people they help in the Commonwealth.  Visit the Christian Appalachian Project to learn how you can help the organization.


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Our community partner Seedleaf is a non-profit organization that educates people about growing, sharing, cooking, and recycling food.   Seedleaf spreads their message about healthy food by holding food preservation workshops, cooking demonstrations, hands-on garden education, participating in community wide composting, and maintaining local gardens. KVC partnered with Seedleaf to build a new community garden to help with their goal of increasing access to fresh food.   View the news report to see KVC’s helping green thumbs. Visit Seedleaf.org to learn more about the group‘s activities and get tips for your garden.

Check out News Channel LEX 18’s Report on KVC Kentucky Building a Community Garden


Sweet Blessings

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We are proud to announce this month’s featured community partner, Sweet Blessings. Sweet Blessings isn’t a bakery; it is a nonprofit ministry which creates happy birthdays and unforgettable cakes for 5-14 year olds living in poverty or with a life-threatening illness. KVC Kentucky is privileged to have Sweet Blessings as a community partner and we receive birthday cakes for the children we serve on a weekly basis. We were happy to volunteer for Sweet Blessings as part of the Companies with a Mission program. Check out our video of our volunteer experience! Sweet Blessings is always in need of volunteers and donations to keep this wonderful program running and growing. For more information on Sweet Blessings and how you can help, visit their website at www.sweetblessingscakes.org.