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KVC Kentucky

Spotlight on Providers: Julie Vose Spittler

We have many talented and dedicated staff at KVC Kentucky and would like to share the thoughts of one of our best providers in this month’s Spotlight on Providers!

Julie Vose Spittler, MSW, CSW, Diversion Specialist Fayette County

julie spotlight

What drew you towards working with children and families? What motivates you in your work?

I have always known I wanted to work with children, but it was through my schooling and clinical experience that I learned that you don’t just work with children if you want to make meaningful progress; you work with the family and as many of the child’s supports as possible! I am motivated the most at the end of every day, which seems counterintuitive, but it is when I reflect back on all my interactions with the families and community partners that I pick out the gems – the small moments that make me think, “Ah, yes, I made a difference in that second.” It is the unknown ripple effect of those small moments – those gems – that keeps me going and inspired!

What kind of evidence-based practices do you like to use in your work and why?

CARE Skills! There is nothing more exciting than teaching a caregiver concrete skills and then watching how much more positive their interactions are with their children when those new tools are put into action. This is often the initial change or spark that allows progress in improving those relationships.

What are some of the challenges and successes you have experienced as a therapist?

When I think about the children and families we work with, I can get overwhelmed by all the issues that might get in the way of them making gains toward the goals they have identified; issues like money, stress, work, no work, children, parents, on and on. And when I reflect on our time together at the end of treatment, it sometimes feels like there is so much more progress to make! Did I help enough? Did I help at all? Yes and yes. With every family, I know that I treat them with respect and integrity. I have a great team behind me that holds me accountable to my families and makes sure I remember that every case, every interaction, every day, is my chance to make that small ripple of change.