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Child Abuse Prevention- What Can I Do?

Prevent Child Abuse Month may end today, but advocacy for children is year round.  Helping children can be as simple as being a friend, helping a new mom, and volunteering. You don’t have to go out of your way to help a child, or even change your daily routine.  Advocacy can take place every day through small gestures. Below are six simple ways you can help prevent child abuse in your community:

1. Offer to Babysit 

By offering to babysit for a friend or neighbor you can help a parent relieve stress  and take a break from their normal routine.

2. Being a Good Example

Children often times look up to their adult peers. By being a good example, children will follow your actions and learn right from wrong.

3. Be a Friend to a Parent 

Being a good listener to a new parent can help. Giving parents an outlet to express anger and frustration can help ease tensions.

4. Volunteer

Volunteer your time to organizations such as KVC Kentucky or Prevent Child Abuse Kentucky, either through parenting support classes, Drug Abuse Prevention and Treatment Programs, or Foster Care Support Events. Educate yourself and others on how to prevent child abuse.

5. Be a Mentor

By being a mentor you can teach young parents good parenting skills they may not have learned from their own parents.

6. Becoming a Foster Parent

By becoming a foster parent, YOU can provide a child with a safe place they can call home and make a huge difference in their life. KVC Kentucky is always looking for parents wanting to share their home with children who are in need.  Visit our page at to learn more about becoming a foster parent.

Click here to read the entire 20 Ways To Prevent Child Abuse from the Children’s Advocacy Center.

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