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How Technology is Changing Foster Care in Rural Kentucky

technology is changing foster care

KVC Kentucky has been licensing Kentucky foster parents for over five years and offers unique services for foster families. We provide all licensed foster families with in-home behavioral health therapy for children in care as well as iPads for the foster parents that can be used to maintain open lines of communication with their therapists and caseworkers. Foster parents can also access course trainings on the iPad to continue their education for licensure.

We recognize the importance of providing support to our foster parents.

We believe that children grow best in families and providing these families with various supports to help them succeed as a family unit is one of our highest priorities. Recently, we invited two of our foster parents to speak out about their journey in foster care and their experience with KVC Kentucky.

Iris Davis and Carma Wallins are sisters and licensed foster parents with KVC Kentucky. They have opened their homes in Eastern Kentucky to help give children in foster care a place where they can feel safe and loved.

Iris made the decision to foster children in 1999 and has been with KVC nearly five years, “Things have been a lot better since we came to KVC. They have been supportive, they listen to us, and our family’s preferences,” said Iris.

Carma joined her sister at KVC three years ago. “KVC has been very good to us, always there if you have questions, always return calls, are very supportive, and respectful when they visit our home,” Carma said.

KVC provides all in-home behavioral health services in the homes of the foster families. “I enjoy the workers coming out, it makes things easier on us,” said Carma, who currently fosters a 9-year-old boy.

Family-with-ipad-copyCarma and Iris have each had four placements since becoming licensed with KVC, both recently receiving iPads to assist in the care of the children in their homes. The iPads are equipped to make continued education for foster parents easier through an app called Relias. With Relias, foster parents can browse and choose courses related to their interests or courses that pertain to their current situation. “KVC has made our experience better and easier,” Iris said. Both Iris and Carma have completed a few courses through the iPad. “I enjoy doing the work on our own time,” Carma said.

When asked about her experience as a foster parent, Carma insists that the children in her care have taught her more than she could ever teach them.

“I was worried it might be really hard on us, but it has been a rewarding experience. There are good times and bad times, but patience and love are key,” said Carma, “I wish I started this [foster parenting] sooner. I’m almost 63, I don’t know how long I have to do this, but I will do it as long as I can.”

To learn more about becoming a KVC Foster Parent, or for questions about how you can help children in foster care, click here.


About KVC Kentucky. KVC Kentucky, headquartered in Lexington, is a 501(c)3 nonprofit child welfare and behavioral healthcare organization that provides behavioral health services, Kentucky foster care, family preservation and diversion, and other family-related services.

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