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Meet the Foster Parents

KVC Kentucky would like to introduce you to our newest foster parents, Sam and Sandra! Sam and Sandra have six biological children and eight grandchildren and are now opening their hearts and home to children in need of foster care. We asked Sandra to share a few things about themselves and why fostering was the right choice for them. Here is a little more about Sam and Sandra:




What are some of your hobbies?

Samuel and I have many interesting things we like to do.  I like collecting teddy bears and angel figurines, enjoy reading, traveling and listening to a variety of music including gospel. I also like watching documentaries, family movies, news and decorating.  Sam collects old school music such as gospel, soul, African and jazz. He likes going to car shows and races and reading biblical material.


Why did you choose to foster children in need?

We love children and feel we did an excellent job as parents. I was raised by my great grandmother therefore I consider myself a foster child. I also adopted my youngest son who is actually one of my sister’s children. About a year ago, after working with children as well as adults with special needs, we decided to become foster parents. We wanted to share our home and love with the less fortunate.  We believe that we could mentor, support, love and change the lives of children who need a loving, caring and staple environment. This opportunity will give us an opportunity to give time and attention to a worthwhile cause.  We want to make their life a little easier, secure and fun. I want to protect them as I was protected growing up. We believe with God’s guidance, we can change the lives of children in foster care.   


What are some of your favorite activities to do as a family?

All of our family activities are our favorite. We go on one week vacation each year.  Previously, we have gone to Disney, Gatlinburg and a cruise just to name a few. We attend weddings, birthday celebrations, church activities and we have family dinner every Sunday. We also have movie night on Friday nights at home and attend movies.


If you were a superhero, which would you choose and why?

My favorite hero is wonder woman. I would choose her because she holds many of my values regarding tranquility and harmony. She is one of the Earth’s powerful and beautiful princesses who is a defender of peace and equality.  

Sam’s favored superhero is Jesus Christ. He worships him because he preached love, forgiveness, equality. Sam believes in life, hope and truth. He admires him for laying down his life to save us.


What would you tell someone considering foster care to encourage them to take the next step?

We wholeheartedly encourage others to become foster parents. Be a change agent, mentor and motivator. Children need caring, supportive parents like us and deserve a second change at normalcy and a bright future. Fostering can be challenging but it is rewarding. I am pleased that we took this leap of faith. It is an opportunity to leave a foot print behind to say that we made a difference in a child’s life. At the end of the day, it is a calling and a mission one will never regret fulfilling.


Congratulations Sam and Sandra! We wish you well on your journey with KVC Kentucky! You are truly making a difference in the lives of children in need. Would you like to learn more about becoming a foster parent with KVC Kentucky? Click here for more information and free downloadable resources about caring for children in foster care.

Ever wondered what you need to look for when choosing an agency to become a foster parent in Kentucky? This free eBook is the ultimate resource for finding the best agency to support you in your foster parenting journey. Click the image to download it now!

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