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KVC Kentucky

KVC Resource Family Conference a Great Success!

Thanks to everyone who made this year’s Resource Family Conference so successful! The conference was held at Glade Springs Resort in Daniels, WV, on March 31-April 1. This year, KVC Kentucky and KVC West Virginia teamed up this year to create a weekend filled with fun and educational resources for families from both states!

What Is the Resource Family Conference?

The RFC provides resource families, a term which includes foster and adoptive parents, the chance to hear from guest speakers, network with other foster parents and learn about various topics that are valuable to both resource foster parents and children. This year’s keynote speakers were Bob and Beth Hughes Noone. They provided invaluable training and resources for both foster parents and children.

Beth and Bob Noone provided information to over 400 resource families. They spoke Saturday morning to children ages 13 and up about their rights regarding their Guardians at Litem (GAL) and what they should expect from a GAL. Beth Noone also did an exercise with youth about the “people in their world” that highlighted how feelings about these people can overlap in both positive and negative ways.
Beth and Bob talked with parents in the afternoon about sibling relationships and about the trauma that children (and adults) can face based on our relationships with our siblings. They also discussed the importance of sibling bonds and how to strengthen these relationships.

Thanks to all of the amazing volunteers and staff, KVC was able to provide activities for the younger children while parents received educational resources. Youth ages 3-7 engaged in games such as duck, duck goose, Simon says and an afternoon Easter egg hunt that gave a special prize for those that found the “golden egg”! Youth ages 8-17 were able to go to the resorts leisure center where they had the opportunity to engage in a number of activities, including, bowling and arcade games. They also enjoyed an Easter egg hunt. Twelve youth, including the babies in the nursery, received prizes for finding the “golden egg”.