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The Top 5 Reasons Clinical Social Workers and Therapists Love Working at KVC

clinical social workers and therapists

Clinical social workers and therapists provide some of the most essential services in our society by providing day-to-day support to increase mental wellness and overall wellbeing. In Kentucky, the need is very high for clinical-level professionals in social work and therapy as nearly 20 percent of Kentuckians are in poverty. On top of this, Kentucky residents report struggling with mental health issues at a higher rate than the national average.   

If you’re a licensed social worker or therapist and are looking for an in-demand career that can provide you with meaning and satisfaction, KVC could be a perfect fit for you! We are a nonprofit organization that strengthens families, prevents child abuse and neglect, and helps both children and adults achieve mental health wellness. Each year, we connect over 13,000 children and adults to life-changing support and hope.  We recently sat down with our team on what they love most about working with children and families through KVC. Here are the top five reasons they unanimously gave for following their passion with KVC! 

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1. Flexibility 

According to Business News Daily, a flexible work environment is one of the most important factors in employee satisfaction and productivity. We recognize this and give our team members the opportunity to create their own schedules each week as well as choose where they work, whether that’s from home, in an office or a hybrid of both when they aren’t directly working with clients. In addition, we value all types of working arrangements, allowing our team to take breaks when needed, spend time with their families and much more. When surveying our clinical-level team members, they all ranked this as one of the top reasons they love working at KVC. 

2. Benefits 

At KVC, you’ll enjoy great medical and dental insurance, a retirement savings match, paid time off, parental leave, wellness support, and professional growth. Our benefits include: 

  • Competitive pay and benefits package 
  • KVC pays 76% of medical insurance costs for employees 
  • Free dental insurance 
  • Generous parental leave policy 
  • 2.5% retirement savings match 
  • Generous combination of paid time off and holidays 
  • A positive, supportive culture where employee opinions count 
  • Commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion 
  • Fun including meals, parties and casual get-togethers 
  • Ongoing training and learning opportunities 

3. Work Environment 

At KVC, you’ll belong to a close-knit team and feel the deep sense of meaning that comes from providing life-changing help to children and families. Here are two team members who recently told us what they love about the work environment at KVC: 

“Obsessed is an understatement! I love my job at KVC. My job, first and foremost, is fun. I get to actively meet with families, assist their needs, and help them in positive ways. It is a very rewarding job! I’m very close to my coworkers, and my supervisors are easy to talk with and care about me. I feel like everyone really knows each other and we all care for one another. I feel proud and happy of the work I do for KVC!” – Candice Wagner, Assistant Support Specialist 

“I’ve been with KVC Kentucky for a little more than five years. KVC has given me the ability to do meaningful work while valuing my family commitments. My Kentucky team has encouraged my growth and knowledge, and I have been able to develop true friendships where I work. I can honestly say ‘I have a work best friend’ when filling out our employee surveys!” – Miriam Wagner, Family First Preservation and Reunification Supervisor 

4. Career Advancement 

In any profession, ongoing training and learning opportunities are important, and this is especially true for professionals in behavioral healthcare. We provide numerous training opportunities free of charge to our team members throughout the year to maintain licensure and grow in areas that are of interest to them. Two of our clinical social workers recently told us: 

“I love working with KVC as a clinical specialist because they support you in reaching your professional goals. KVC also provides rewarding work with clients and families in different aspects of their lives. I love that my job is never boring and I am able to enhance the lives of each client.“ – Shelly Harrod, Clinical Social Worker 

“I look forward to continuing my clinical career with KVC because of the care and support they provide to each and every staff member. KVC gives priority to staff self-care and professional development. That support makes it possible for us to do our best work and to help our clients be their best selves.” – Kelsey Patchman, seasoned family care coordinator who’s graduating with her MSW and staying to pursue a clinical position   

5. Meaningful Work 

KVC’s mission is to enrich and enhance the lives of children and families by providing medical and behavioral healthcare, social services and education. We have operated under a strong set of values that guide all the work we do. We’ve become who we are by asking “What would you want for your child?” and remembering “Children grow best in families” and “Excellence is not an act; it’s a habit.” Our values are 

  • The heart of our work is helping people. 
  • Our character is built on authenticity and compassion. 
  • Family connection drives our culture. 
  • Collaboration fuels our improvement. 
  • Urgency and innovation mark our approach. 
  • Diverse perspectives are key to our progress. 

What This Work Means to Our Team: 

“I can’t think of a much more rewarding job than being a clinician for KVC. The families we work with deserve a second chance and that’s what KVC provides. These families have been through too much, and they don’t always have people rooting for them. It warms my heart to know that as a clinician I’m able to offer them the support they need to heal and to have hope for a better future.” – Abby Boente, Clinical Social Worker 

“I have personally witnessed families who entered our program and reported to us that they felt lost, broken and confused. By the end of services these same families were given the tools to overcome their struggles and keep their family units together. This is why our mission resonates with me, and I’m so passionate about the work we do here.” – Garra Barker, Family First Preservation and Reunification Program Supervisor 

Join Our Team! 

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