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3 Rewarding Jobs You Can Do With a Master’s Degree in Social Work


A career in social work allows you to truly make a difference in the lives of those in need. In Kentucky, the need for licensed social workers is very high, especially in the field of behavioral healthcare. Moreover, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 12% growth for child and family social workers through 2024, so it’s a great time to begin your job search in this field. Having a Master of Science in Social Work opens the door to many types of jobs. Here are 3 highly rewarding jobs you can do with a MSW degree.

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In-Home Therapist

In-home therapy uses interventions designed to improve a family’s ability to overcome mental and behavioral challenges. In-home therapy varies from the traditional approach. Instead of meeting a therapist in an office, therapy is provided in the family’s home, which research has shown to be significantly more effective. In-home therapists show parents how to better regulate their emotions and determine if medication is needed in conjunction with the therapy provided. One study showed that after many experiments, families that received in-home therapy had fewer medical problems, higher participation in the workforce, lower reliance on public assistance, increased use of birth control and better spacing of pregnancies.

Behavioral Health Services Clinician

Behavioral health describes someone’s mental and emotional well-being. People who face challenges with their behavioral health may be experiencing depression, anxiety and substance abuse. A behavioral health services clinician plays an integral role in maintaining quality care for clients, whether in the client’s home, at a location in the community or in mental health hospitals. Some of their roles involve implementing evidence-based practices, modeling positive behavior examples, providing crisis intervention and more.

Clinical Specialist

Clinical specialists provide psychiatric and counseling services for mental illnesses and disorders. Social workers in this field diagnose the presence of a disorder and develop plans for achievement. Clinical specialists can work in a number of environments, including schools, hospitals, private practices and mental health centers. Additional duties can include collaborating with a wraparound team in order to achieve the best outcome for clients. This can entail interacting with other treatment providers in the community to develop treatment recommendations.

These are only a few of the jobs you can do with a Master’s Degree in Social Work, and KVC Kentucky offers many more! Visit our Careers page to apply today.

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