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KVC Kentucky

Building Strength Together: Nonprofit KVC Kentucky’s 2022 Positive Impact in the Lives of Children and Families

This October, KVC released its 2022 Impact Report – Be you. Be here. Belong. The 2022 theme of belonging represents the important ability for everyone to be their genuine self and to feel safe while being seen.

KVC Kentucky is a private, nonprofit organization that strengthens families, prevents child abuse and neglect, and helps both children and adults achieve mental health wellness. Our services include family strengthening aimed at safely preventing the need for foster care, mental and behavioral healthcare, and substance abuse treatment. KVC is unique in providing services in families’ homes or virtually to make help convenient and accessible.

Building Connection

Establishing a feeling of belonging is a foundation for creating a lasting sense of connection. The desire to make connections with others is hardwired within each of us. Therefore, it’s natural to want and deserve love. Through the act of connection, we can then see how these feelings contribute to a sense of belonging, purpose and joy.

On the flip side, these human elements also mean there will always be challenges in life. We will experience happiness, peace and contentment just as surely as we’ll feel a range of stressors such as isolation, loneliness, financial stress, broken relationships and mental health challenges. For better and for worse, these commonalities help remind us that we’re all humans living a human life.

Uniting Factor

KVC Kentucky is united by a commitment to create safety and connection from the inside out by establishing a feeling of belonging. This requires a consistent and multi-faceted approach of strengthening relationships within our workforce among the families we serve and within the communities we serve throughout the state.

As a united force for positive change, we continue to move forward with a collective goal to strengthen families and safely reduce the number of children in foster care in Kentucky. By strengthening families through a continuum of care, we can create a positive path forward, one of lasting change that leads toward hope and healing for all involved.

Expansion of Services

In 2022, we were able to build upon our current family strengthening services to several regions throughout the state through expansion of Family First Prevention and Reunification Services. These resources are designed to help stabilize and strengthen families in crisis and safely prevent the need for children to enter foster care.

These services include parenting education and skill building, mental health treatment, family and marriage therapies, substance abuse treatment and assistance with basic family needs. The expansion also enabled us to hire close to 100 new social workers, case managers and therapists.

KVC Kentucky’s 2022 Impact

Here’s a snapshot of the positive impact our staff and supporters had in the lives of Kentucky children and families over the course of fiscal year 2022.

2022 Kentucky Impact

  • 12,000 children and adults served statewide.
  • 94% of children remained with or were reunited with their families after receiving family preservation and reunification services.
  • 2,873 children in 1,401 families were served through our innovative Jefferson County (Louisville area) child welfare services partnership with the State of Kentucky.
  • 2,676 children were safely prevented from entering foster care.
  • 7,301 children in 3,091 Kentucky families received family preservation services aimed at safely preventing the need for foster care.
  • 978 children and adults benefitted from behavioral health services.
  • 44 individuals served by our walk-in clinic with immediate access to behavioral health and substance use assessment services.
  • We earned a high 4.5 out of 5.0 consumer experience rating from adults served.

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