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Overcoming a Flood Crisis: One Employees Story of Resilience and Support

When love, support and kindness are shared in the midst of a difficult situation, it’s an unforgettable experience. Countless individuals benefiting from KVC Kentucky’s services have encountered these transformative moments. Yet, it’s equally significant to note that our supportive culture also benefits our dedicated team members, particularly during times of crisis.

In July 2022, a powerful and unexpected flood changed the life of Kelli Adams, Family Care Coordinator with KVC Kentucky, along with many others in her neighborhood and community in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky. The flood swept away homes and possessions and left a wake of destruction in its path, but vital help and support would come from her team at KVC. Hear Kelli’s story — one of hope, support and connection in the face of devastation. 

The Night of the Flood

With the unpredictability of natural disasters, it’s impossible to be truly ready for the uncertainty to come. This was the case for Kelli and her neighbors. “The flood was just horrible and disastrous to our area of Kentucky, and nobody was able to plan for it,” she recalls.

Kelli and her family lived in an area that was not in an assigned flood zone, and no floods were previously recorded in the area. So no one expected the devastation that would occur. The flood started in the middle of the night, around 2:00 am when Kelli, her family and her neighbors were fast asleep. She woke up in shock.

“The water just kept coming in and didn’t slow down. It just continued to rise,” she recalls. After evaluating the situation, Kelli and her husband, along with their young daughter, decided they needed to leave their home. They waded through the incoming water to find safety. 

Once outside, a neighbor came to help Kelli and her family. But it wouldn’t be until 4:00 the next afternoon that they could completely get out of the way of the flood. Kelli’s family lost most of their belongings, including their vehicles and their home. She remembers, “The loss was a lot to take in and deal with — it was devastating.” 

KVC Steps in with Support

A group paying attention on a community center presentationThe devastation from the flood included the area’s phone lines, and service was down until the lines could be repaired. But one of the first calls Kelli received was from her supervisor and her team at KVC, who stepped in to help. “Immediately, on day one, my family at KVC was there to pick up the pieces with me,” she says. “There was no hesitation from KVC, they were right there from the moment they knew what happened.”

KVC team members instantly rallied to help Kelli and her family. They gathered supplies for Kelli’s new home, bought mattresses for beds, provided necessary personal items and gave unlimited emotional support.

“After the flood, it was a hard year of rebuilding,” Kelli shares. “The whole team at KVC was continually asking what they could do to help.” 

While immediate needs were met, and the flood itself was behind her, the trauma wasn’t — but KVC was always there to support her. “I really struggled in the months after,” she remembers. “My health declined and there were days I could barely hang on. But through it all KVC did not let me give up. They were there to lean on and reminded me that I could make it through anything.”

And, with the support of her team, make it through she did. “I struggled in my work life, but the team of supervisors never let me give up, especially my direct supervisor,” Kelli shares. “She held my hand over this past year and helped me to become the worker I am today. I can never thank KVC enough for all they have done for me and for standing by my side through it all. I love what we stand for!”

Today, Kelli has made it her mission to pay it forward and care for KVC Kentucky families just as KVC cared for her.

“As I was recovering, I was able to return the favor by working with my families and giving them my all. And for this opportunity, I can never thank everyone enough!” – Kelli Adams, Family Care Coordinator

The KVC Culture 

Here at KVC, we know we all need connection. That’s the heart behind how we care for those we serve, but also how we care for each other and create a supportive culture throughout each level of the organization. “We support each other and do whatever we can to make sure everyone is taken care of,” Kelli says about KVC Kentucky’s culture.

As a result of the culture here, each employee feels like they matter. “Some employers just want the job done, but KVC wants to make sure employees remain safe and out of harm’s way,” Kelli says of her experience with the team.

Experience the Difference: Join the KVC Team! 

The story Kelli Adams shared isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. Whether clients or employees, everyone connected with KVC quickly realizes they’re in the hands of a supportive and compassionate team. And it’s true! KVC cares about their employees, and even more, their employees agree.

Based on the Work Wellbeing score on Indeed, KVC has a score of 80 — landing among the top 1% of employers nationally. We know that for employees to do their best work and create a positive impact for families within the community, they need a supportive work environment. 

Careers with heart and tons of benefitsJoining the team at KVC means that you’ll begin a meaningful career providing life-changing care for children and their families. Within the organization, your team will support you personally and professionally by ensuring your overall wellbeing is thriving. Beyond the medical/dental insurance, retirement savings match, paid time off, parental leave and professional growth, you’ll be able to experience:

  • A meaningful career
  • A flexible work environment
  • Tuition/CEU reimbursement 
  • Ongoing learning and professional development opportunities 
  • Team building fun
  • And so much more! 

As Kelli reflects on her life a year ago, she remembers how lost she felt, but how thankful she was for her team. “They were just there for me, always ready to help.” Start your career with KVC today, and discover firsthand the incredible support that awaits you.

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