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Gourmet Cakes are a “Sweet Blessing” to Children

Sweet Blessings LogoKVC Kentucky is proud to partner with Sweet Blessings, a nonprofit ministry specializing in creating happy birthdays for children ages 5-14 who are living in poverty or fighting life-threatening illnesses. For many children, birthdays can be a difficult time rather than a time of celebration. Sweet Blessings changes that by making unforgettable gourmet birthday cakes. Each cake is designed with a specific child in mind and features his or her favorite colors, hobbies, sports teams or characters.

Over the years, Sweet Blessings has provided weekly cakes for children receiving KVC’s in-home services. Many of these children may not have had a birthday celebration without the wonderful work of Sweet Blessings. All of the cakes are baked and decorated by volunteers and funded through donations. This year, KVC is excited to continue as a sponsor for Sweet Blessings’ fundraiser, “The Great Cake Race 5K” held in May. Through this race, along with other fundraisers and donations, Sweet Blessings will be able to provide 1,800 children, including many KVC families, with a special happy birthday celebration. To learn more, visit