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KVC Kentucky

KVC Staff Participate in Child Adult Relationship Enhancement Training

On Friday, February 19, KVC Kentucky staff participated in Child Adult Relationship Enhancement training (C.A.R.E.) to learn more about the benefits of positive parent/child interaction. C.A.R.E., which is a modification of Parent Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), is used by non-clinical workers to strengthen child-adult attachments and teach desired behaviors to children.

In their C.A.R.E. training, KVC staff demonstrated both parent and child roles to better understand the techniques used when implementing the training into the homes of clients. This involved getting to become kids again themselves at times by playing with toys.



Why C.A.R.E.?

  • Relationship Enhancement:
    • Teaches attunement to the child.
    • Increases warmth in relationship between parent and child.
    • Teaches parents how to enjoy their children’s play with them.
  • Emotional Regulation:
    • Helps children calm down faster in times of distress.
    • Helps children feel less angry.
    • Improves attention and focus.
    • Facilitates compliance to boundaries and rules.
  • Effective Discipline Technique:
    • Helps parents construct a clear command.
    • Uses non-coercive strategies for extinguishing negative behavior.
    • Uses positive reinforcement to enhance compliance.

By implementing the C.A.R.E skills training into client homes, clinicians have seen a decrease in abuse by 50%, and an increase of compliance by 60%, making this training a valuable experience for staff. One staff member describes the main impact of proper C.A.R.E. skills training in the home as a “win-win scenario:”

“When the parents better understand how to interact with their child, the child gains a better understanding of desired behaviors from their parents.”

KVC staff are dedicated to staying current on the most innovative and compassionate in-home therapy trainings in order to continue to provide the best care for the families we serve.

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