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KVC Kentucky

Spotlight on National Social Work Month and KVC Kentucky Staff

Celebrated each March, National Social Work Month is an great opportunity for social workers across the country to be recognized and the profession highlighted for the important contributions made in our community. At KVC Kentucky, our social workers have amazing tenacity and talent and work tirelessly to enrich and enhance the quality of life for individuals, families and their communities.

Our staff confront some of the most challenging issues facing these populations and find solutions that help people reach their full potential and make our community a better place to live by providing comprehensive and compassionate services. As the true heroes of our organization, we want to recognize them for their dedication to our mission and hard work providing in-home services to those families and children who need us. Throughout the month of March, we shined the spotlight on some of our employees and shared their stories about how the work they do is making a difference. Although we have so many dedicated employees, we want to introduce three and thank them for all that they do.

PictureJulie Tucker

Julie has been working with KVC since October of 2015 as a Family Preservation Service Specialist. She has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education and an Master’s in Social Work from Asbury University. When asked why she does this work, Julie says, “The days can be long and the family/home situations can be difficult, but I would not trade this job for anything. The reward that I have received at the closure of each family knowing that I have made a difference could not be more amazing.”

Chris HolbrookChris Holbrook

Chris has been with KVC Kentucky for 11 years and is currently a Family Preservation Supervisor. Chris has a degree in Elementary Education from Eastern Kentucky University and says that working at KVC allows him to utilize the skills he has learned to help families better their lives and make a positive impact in his community. Chris says, “I know I have made a difference because clients have seen me in the community 10 years after I had worked with them as children and informed me on how much of a positive impact I had made on their lives. They didn’t think they would be where they are in life if they had not participated in our services.”

Josh A. EvansJosh Evans

Josh has been with KVC Kentucky for seven years and is currently earning his Masters in Social Work at the University of Kentucky. He has a bachelors of Arts in Criminology from Morehead State University. When asked what working at KVC means to him, Josh says, “I think what working for KVC means to me comes down to pride. A commitment to excellence! A commitment to be better tomorrow than we were yesterday and to strive to thrive in a field where settling is far too often the norm. I guess I’ll never ‘know’ that I’ve made a difference, but far more often than not, I feel it.”

Over the past 15 years, we have built our reputation on providing highly effective, in-home behavioral health services including alcohol and substance abuse treatment, family preservation, diversion, and foster care. We serve over 59 counties in Central and Eastern Kentucky with 8 offices across the state. Thank you to our amazing team of social workers who make it possible for us to positively impact thousands of children and families each year!

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