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See Why These Social Workers and Therapists Pursued a Life-Changing Career with KVC

social workers and therapists

If you’re looking for an in-demand career that can provide you with meaning and satisfaction, then few compare to one that helps children and families going through difficult times. In fact, Forbes ranks social work and therapy in the top 10 most meaningful occupations. Social workers and therapists provide assistance to people experiencing a range of physical health, behavioral health and environmental challenges. While the work can be demanding, it is also fulfilling as you get to help others in need daily.

We are rapidly hiring social workers, therapists and other professionals who are passionate about enriching and enhancing the lives of children and families. We are a private, nonprofit organization that provides in-home behavioral healthcare, youth substance use treatment and in-home family preservation and reunification services to strengthen families.

Learn more about our recent expansion to serve more populations throughout Kentucky.

See What Drew These Team Members to Change Lives Through KVC Kentucky

We recently sat down with three recently hired team members to understand what drives them to do this challenging but rewarding work and why they chose KVC as the organization through which to pursue their passion.

Danielle Keller

Clinical Specialist
Started April 2022

Previous to KVC I was working for another organization providing family preservation services for a little over a year. I was looking for an organization that would allow me to do what I love – work with children and families – while also being supported while I pursue my LCSW and continue to increase my skillset as a social worker.

KVC has been very welcoming ever since the start. I knew from my interview that this was the place I wanted to be because they made me feel valued and excited to have me on the team.

So far one of my favorite things is that KVC doesn’t make me feel like I’m on my own; I always have support and dependable people to work with.

Kimberly Flatt

Clinical Specialist
Started March 2022

Before KVC, I worked at a smaller organization helping people with substance use. However, the organization began experiencing growing pains and the program had to end. A previous boss of mine used to work for KVC and recommended them as a good place to work.

KVC has been very family oriented. I have a daughter, and KVC offered flexibility to give me a great work/life balance. On top of this, KVC helps me stay motivated to do great work by providing me with ongoing training, so I don’t feel like I’m ever stagnating in my skill set.

KVC has longevity, offers opportunity for growth, and It seems like there is an over encompassing theme of family here.

Geneva Mabry

Clinical Specialist
Started April 2022

I previously worked in school-based counseling and parenting programs and later was a therapist with several agencies. The main reason I left those agencies was because they didn’t have the family culture I felt was essential to do work like this. Also, I oftentimes had a case load that was well over the recommended amount.

As a result, I began looking for an organization that valued family and their employees’ mental and physical health. When I came across KVC, the family reunification program really stood out to me; KVC goes in the home and works with the families.

In the short amount of time I’ve worked at KVC, I already have a sense that I’m helping keep families stay together, that I’m making a difference. In terms of work culture, everyone is straight forward and clear, and leaders prioritize my safety. My supervisor has been incredible in showing support; If I need anything, she makes sure to get it to me. And it’s like a bond when I get together with my coworkers. Everyone accepts each other for who they are, and the family-focused, welcoming culture makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

Join Our Team!

At KVC, you’ll enjoy an inspiring work culture of innovation and excellence. We offer great health benefits, a flexible work schedule, generous PTO, company-matched retirement and much more! Would you or someone you know like to help children and families in need? We’re hiring throughout Kentucky! Visit our Careers Page to learn about our current open positions!

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