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Giving Back this Holiday Season

Giving back through charitable donations, volunteering and supporting those in need is impactful any day of the year. But giving during the holiday season can be particularly impactful. Your gifts of time, talent and treasure can make a huge impact on those in need, and it’s also a way to experience some extra joy and holiday cheer yourself.

Here at KVC Kentucky, we know that we all need connection, and giving is an ideal way to build and strengthen the precious connections in your life. Learn more about the powerful impact of giving back, how to give back year-round and why Giving Tuesday is such a special day for the holiday giving season.

The Power of Giving Back

Megan Moore, Director of Training, Development and Compliance

The act of giving back to others is transformative and empowering. “Giving back is in the fabric of who we are in our modern culture,” explains Megan Moore, Director of Training, Development and Compliance with KVC Kentucky. “Today’s generations really prioritize giving back and supporting those in need. More people than ever are realizing that giving our time, unique talents and financial resources fulfills us and can become a very real personal passion and mission for our lives.”

One of the best ways to increase empathy and generosity is by creating learning opportunities for our children to be involved in giving back to others. Giving back as a family models behavior that promotes healthy connections to the community, introduces new perspectives and promotes kindness and inclusivity.

“Giving back as a family has multiple benefits and creates opportunities for your own family to have good experiences while doing good for others,” Moore says.

The data backs it up: Studies show that by sharing with other people, families are given the chance to bond with each other, decrease stress levels, improve mental health and increase overall happiness.

The Positive Impact that Giving Back to Others Has on Mental Health

Being a part of something bigger than yourself has a ripple effect and a positive impact on mental health, studies indicate. Especially as our country is navigating an epidemic of loneliness and isolation, the act of getting out and giving back becomes a remedy to the effects of loneliness felt by so many. Engaging with the community and helping others brings feelings of joy which tend to decrease feelings of anxiety and depression.

“Giving back helps us get outside of ourselves and our problems and struggles, and allows us to see that the world around us is much bigger than ourselves. It brings us a more meaningful existence,” Moore says.

And there are countless ways to give back during the year and reap the rewards of a mental health boost.

Giving back as a family can be particularly profound, illustrating to children the importance of generosity and community. Connecting with others helps children build resilience and feel empowered. And generosity can be a beautiful focus of a family tradition! 

Year-Round Opportunities to Give Back to the Community Through KVC

giving back

Although the holiday season is known to inspire others with the gift of giving, special giving and donation opportunities are available throughout the year. At KVC, we break year-round giving opportunities into three categories: time, talent and treasure. By providing any of the following, you’re generously giving to others and making a difference in the world.

Time: Giving the gift of time is truly a great way to help others. Volunteering a valuable resource like personal time for the benefit of others can make a difference and lift our spirits as well. Options for volunteer work are endless, but some ideas include tutoring children, helping at a shelter, providing services at a community event or even organizing food at a food drive. To learn more about volunteer opportunities with KVC, get in touch with us here.

Talent: We can share our unique skills or professional expertise by helping the community where there is a need. Medical professionals can provide pro bono care, hair stylists can give fresh cuts, financial professionals can help families with budgeting and financial planning, marketers can help nonprofits with social media campaigns — the ideas are endless!

Treasure: Opening our wallets and making meaningful financial gifts is one of the most common ways to help, and it’s appreciated! In addition to direct gifts, you can also donate real estate and assets, or share through an estate plan. 

While generosity is welcomed 365 days a year, there are some seasons when KVC holds special donation drives, including the back-to-school season and holiday season, Thanksgiving and the holiday season.

Back to School Time

giving backAs August approaches, efforts are focused on the Back to School drive to prepare students for a successful start to their school year. Businesses and individuals around the community collect school supplies to donate, and KVC shares these with children and teens receiving our services. “This event is always really successful and our families are always grateful,” Moore shares.

Thanksgiving Season

Around Thanksgiving, it’s a great opportunity to make sure families don’t go hungry. With more than 14,000 children and families in 82 counties around Kentucky that KVC serves, Moore says, “Sometimes we have families with significant needs, and we rely on the generosity of our donors and supporters to help us provide for those families.”

Holiday Season

giving backThis season is a time for joy and celebration, although for some, it’s not always full of cheer. In certain cases, this can be a challenging and emotional time of year, and KVC dedicates extra support in an effort to stand by these families and help alleviate some of that stress. Donations are welcome throughout the year, but donating during the holiday provides families with resources to purchase a holiday meal or gifts for their children, making the season even more special.

Throughout the holiday season, many organizations are lucky enough to have an abundance of interest in giving back and supporting others. Because of this, KVC developed the Holiday Heroes Program, where you can “adopt” a child or family by donating financially and gifting the opportunity for a family to celebrate and enjoy a wonderful holiday without the added stress. Find out how to make someone’s holiday season a bit more bright.

Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday is the kick-off event that really starts the giving season in the U.S. Started as an antidote to the consumerism of Black Friday, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity for exactly that: giving. In 2023, Giving Tuesday falls on November 28, and it is a day that inspires generosity and encourages all of us to do good for others. On this day and through the holiday season, businesses and individuals alike look to support organizations that have a strong mission and a worthy cause.

As an organization with a mission to help children and families thrive, KVC is a great option when searching for a cause to support. KVC utilizes any funding or donations to meet the unique needs of children and families in need of the services we provide. These unique needs could include anything from buying emergency food or locating emergency safe shelter/housing to purchasing clothing and supplies for families in need throughout the year.

Created with the simple idea to celebrate generosity, Giving Tuesday is used as a day to highlight the good work and positive impact that different organizations, like KVC, are making in the lives of others. But the efforts and goodwill of organizations can be celebrated and supported every day of the year.

Come alongside our goal of strengthening children and families while supporting our cause to raise awareness about this mission. Thank you for your generous support of our mission with your meaningful contributions!


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