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Mental Health through Headphones: Great Podcasts to Help

It’s never been more apparent: Our mental health can have a profound impact on our lives. More of us than ever are gaining an increased awareness of our mental health and seeking help and guidance. 

Here at KVC Kentucky, we understand that navigating the complexities of mental health can be difficult, but the journey to a healthier mind is possible. Evidence-based therapies and treatments are often the best place to turn to when serious help is needed. But other mediums, like podcasts, are gaining popularity for valuable insights, tips, and support from experts. Curious about ways to empower your child or teen to strengthen their mental health? Or maybe you’re eager to strengthen your own? Explore some of our top favorite mental health podcasts to help you grow. All podcasts feature fascinating information and helpful tips on mental health for all ages. 

Podcasts for Younger Children

Rise Little Earthling

Mental Health PodcastsThis listen-and-learn podcast is geared toward infants, toddlers and parents. Listeners are guided through sweet mindfulness exercises for parents to integrate into their routines. The episodes are short – only about five minutes long! — and promote social-emotional skills and age-appropriate body awareness. 


The Emotion Motion Podcast

Mental Health PodcastsPerfect for children ages three and older, as well as families and teachers, the Emotion Motion podcast brings stories to life and engages everyone with movement and expression. Through each episode, children are given the opportunity to practice skills like empathy, self-awareness, emotional regulation and mindfulness, all while listening to an underwater journey. Try it out and see the difference!


A Kids Book About: The Podcast 

Mental Health PodcastsAs children get older, their understanding of the world changes. To help them process and tackle important topics like racism, body image, change and gender issues, this podcast covers it all. Geared toward children ages eight through 12, the goal is to normalize and de-stigmatize emotions, experiences and real-life issues. Since some topics might be intense for some listeners, it’s recommended that parents/caregivers listen alongside their child. 

Podcasts for Teens and Young Adults

On Our Minds 

Mental Health PodcastsTake a listen to this award-winning podcast for teens and young adults. Hosted and produced by students, the series features two teen reporters discussing the biggest mental health challenges young people face. In connection with the PBS NewsHour Reporting Lab, each story guides listeners through the teenage experience and gives relevant information. (Even if your teen doesn’t want to listen with you, it’s good for caregivers to get a glimpse into their world!)


Mental Illness Happy Hour 

An equally entertaining podcast for teens and adults, the Mental Illness Happy Hour discusses topics like mental health, trauma, addiction and negative thinking with comedians, artists, friends and doctors. Host Paul Gilmartin combines light-heartedness with topics that are hard to talk about out loud. Explore stories and situations that aren’t always black and white. Take a listen to maybe get a laugh in here or there!


She Persisted

Mental Health PodcastsRegarded as a highly relatable podcast, She Persisted was created and is hosted by Sadie Sutton, a teen who has had extensive experience with mental health challenges herself and who has come far in her personal journey. The episodes are real, raw and authentic in their nature, and teen-approved tools, resources and educational insights on each topic. The content validates listeners’ feelings and experiences while offering encouragement to take the reins of their own lives.


Podcasts for Caregivers

The Resilient Caregiver Podcast

Mental Health PodcastsThe Resilient Caregiver Podcast (formerly called the Honestly Adoption Podcast) features real voices, sharing hope and encouragement on the journey of foster care and adoption. It’s focused on helping caregivers “go the distance — and not lose their minds in the process.” Episode topics include helping your child wrestle through feelings of abandonment, how to set healthy boundaries with your children, how to overcome feelings of guilt on the caregiver journey, parenting teenagers with a trauma history and more.

The Baffling Behavior Show (Parenting after Trauma)

Mental Health PodcastsTherapist and host, Robyn Gobbel, formerly operated a traditional therapy practice specializing in complex trauma, attachment and adoption. She now brings her knowledge into podcast form, creating helpful resources, communities and educational experiences for parents and professionals. All with a focus on connection, regulation and safety.  


Trending Mental Health Podcasts for 2023

The Happiness Lab 

Mental Health PodcastsDr. Laurie Santos, Professor at Yale University, is an expert in happiness. She’s dedicated her career to researching true happiness and the science she shares is surprising. Her psychology class is breaking Yale records with interest and attendance, and this podcast gets rave reviews! So, she must be on to something.  Although this podcast is jam-packed with amazing information about living a happier life, there’s a consistent theme on managing mood swings. Listen to a parent/caregiver favorite – Happier Parents, Happier Kids


Therapy for Black Girls

With new episodes coming out every week, this podcast is rich with new information. The founder and host, Dr. Joy Harden Bradford chats about all things related to mental health, personal development and becoming the best version of ourselves. This is a sacred space dedicated to mental health and overall wellness for women and girls everywhere.


Feel Better, Live More – With Dr. Chatterjee

If you’re in the mood for a podcast with a good dose of variety, this is the one for you. As a number 1 pick for Apple Podcasters, Dr. Chatterjee strives to empower listeners to become the creators of their own health. His motto is developed by his belief that “If you feel better, you live more.” It’s evident that others agree. Enjoy listening to a new episode every Wednesday and Friday! 


Code Switch

With a slightly different focus than the others, the Code Switch podcast brings challenging situations and events to the forefront of the conversation. The hosts, Shereen Marisol Meraji and Gene Demby discuss how race and identity intersect with all aspects of our lives and how we can learn to respond with honesty and empathy. Put this engaging NPR podcast on your “Must Listen” list.

These top-rated mental health podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge, support, coping tools, and inspiration to help navigate the complexities of your personal wellbeing. With content involving personal stories, expert advice or practical strategies, there really is something for everyone. Even though there is no substitute for seeking professional help, these mental health podcasts can become a friendly and uplifting guide to a happier and more fulfilling life. 

If you or someone in your care needs support, KVC Kentucky is here. As a child welfare and behavioral healthcare organization that provides mental and behavioral health services, family preservation and reunification and other family-related services, connect with KVC Kentucky for help for you and your family.


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