Adolescent Substance Use Treatment

Almost 40% of American teens are significantly affected by substance use.  Over half of those who experience substance abuse also have a co-occuring mental health disorder.


Our Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders Treatment program provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse and collaborative services to meet the needs of the individuals and families that we serve, utilizing our successful in-home services model.

Our Case Management team will help increase natural supports for the client within the school, community and home settings to promote positive changes in the client’s environment and habits.

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What makes our services different?

At KVC Kentucky, we have built our reputation on the highly effective in-home Behavioral Health Services we have provided for over 17 years.  Our Substance Abuse and Co-occurring Disorders Treatment program, Alcohol and Other Drug Entity (AODE), provides a comprehensive array of substance abuse and co-occurring services to meet the needs of the individuals and families that we serve, utilizing our successful in-home services model.

Family involvement is a key component in adolescent substance use disorders treatment. Providing in-home services helps to decrease the barriers for family participation. KVC Kentucky’s success is rooted in recognizing the need for a robust continuum of care with readily available access to all needed levels of care to meet the treatment needs of the children, adolescents, and families that we serve.

Our agency practice in all of our programming involves a process of assessing children and adults for their individualized treatment needs and appropriate level of care. Our Clinical Professionals, Case Managers, and Supervisors work collaboratively with community partners in all counties where we provide services to ensure that our clients receive access to services through KVC KY when appropriate and through the network of community partners when other levels of care or needs outside our scope of practice are identified. KVC KY’s service delivery employs the home and community based behavioral healthcare services to reduce frequency of higher level of care treatment. KVC also successfully transitions individuals from these higher level treatments back into their respective homes and communities. We believe that children grow best in families and that out of home care treatment placements should be brief and used only when indicated by appropriate level of care assessment. KVC’s treatment philosophy is individual and family centered, strengths-based, and team oriented with individuals and their families actively engaged in treatment planning and treatment decisions.

KVC AODE is categorized as a Level 1 Outpatient treatment program for Adults and Adolescents according to the American Society of Addiction Medicine Patient Placement Criteria (ASAM-PPC, ASAM, 1996).

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