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The Opioid Epidemic’s Effect on Kentucky Children & How You Can Help


The opioid crisis is harming children and families across the nation. Read how this has affected Kentucky children and how you can help.

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How to Know if Your Teen Needs Therapy

teen needs therapy

Noticed changes in your teen’s behavior? Though mood changes are common among teens, here are instances where you may want to seek a professional therapist.

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Tips for Talking to Your Child About Drug Use

child about drug abuse

Drug abuse education is important for all ages. Here are a few tips on how to talk about it with your child.

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KVC Kentucky Awarded $400,000 to Continue Substance Abuse Treatment

KVC Kentucky is one of 15 facilities in the state supported by AG pharma settlement dollars.

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What We Can Learn From Robin Williams’ Death

We can learn many things about depression and substance abuse from Robin Williams’ death.

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KVC Kentucky Awarded $2 Million Substance Abuse Treatment Grant to Help Adolescents

KY Kids Recovery program fills critical gap; problem affects 1 in 8 Kentucky teenagers.

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