Services Provided

What Behavioral Health Services are available at KVC Kentucky?

Diagnostic Assessment:  Our Master’s level clinicians are highly trained in comprehensive assessment techniques in order to develop an accurate analysis of a patient’s presenting problems.  This process will yield a plan developed in collaboration with the patient on what steps to take moving forward.  KVC therapists very often work with patients with no prior history of behavioral health services along with those who are transferring from, or even currently working with, other providers.

Psychotherapy: Our Master’s level clinicians provide therapy for a patient based on their individual needs and the collaborative treatment plan developed. Our therapist works with the service team to identify specific evidenced based interventions and can provide therapy at a frequency, schedule and location based on the needs of our patients.  Our therapists are dedicated to increasing the overall well-being of their patients as well as increasing their ability to live successfully within their own homes and communities.

Collateral Therapy: Caregiver, personal supports and community involvement are key components of successful behavioral health services. For children, it is crucial for parents and caregivers to understand both their child’s needs and the systems involved.  For all patients, it is important that the integral members of the support system are informed and participate as needed.  KVC therapists work with parents, family members, primary care physicians and community partners to meet the needs of the child.

Family Therapy:  KVC offers family therapy alongside individual and collateral psychotherapy when family dynamics are an integral component of the presenting problems.  The objectives of this service will be collaboratively developed with the patient on the service plan and will focus on addressing relationships between family members which have a direct influence on the primary patient’s progress in treatment.

Case Management: KVC case managers work diligently and quickly to find the proper care and provide community-based services that focus on the needs of the child and family.  Case management includes advocacy, resource development, team development, conducting collaborative service team meetings, accessing any needed medical, social, educational or other support services, and coordinating services through inter-agency involvement and collaboration.

Psychological Testing:  KVC employs Psychologists with Autonomous Functioning who are able to provide a large array of specialized psychological testing procedures when recommended by the service team.  These procedures include:

  • Intellectual and educational testing in connection with school Individualized Education Plan (IEP) determination
  • Intellectual and diagnostic testing to inform treatment interventions and recommendations for children and adults
  • Personality testing for adults