Elevate Mothers and Build Addiction Recovery


Elevate Mothers and Build Addiction Recovery (EMBARK) is a prevention program that leverages the rich legacy of KVC Kentucky in providing cutting-edge mental health, substance use treatment, and family strengthening services.

Pregnant mothers with substance use challenges often struggle to receive the comprehensive care they need due to the stigma they experience. The journey of pregnancy and recovery can be difficult and feelings of shame can often inhibit expecting mothers from seeking the crucial support they need and deserve.

EMBARK is dedicated to supporting expecting mothers facing crisis by offering access to needed resources, parenting skills, and behavioral, medical, and substance use treatment that can positively impact their future and that of their families. Our goal is to provide an integrated and coordinated care approach for pregnant mothers dealing with substance use challenges, promoting the health, safety and wellbeing of families.

Through the EMBARK program, our team of dedicated professionals will collaborate with mothers  utilizing a comprehensive, holistic approach to caring for both mother and baby.   This model guarantees mothers will receive high quality care, including access to obstetrics, gynecology, pediatrics, primary care, substance use treatment, and essential medical services — all focused on preventive care to equip families with the tools to thrive.

Call (606) 633-4871 and ask for Behavioral Health or (859) 254-1035 for more information on the program.

EMBARK stands out for its emphasis on prevention and intentional intervention, offering:

  • A comprehensive, holistic service approach
  • In-home, wraparound, community-based support
  • Integrated, coordinated pre and post-natal OBGYN, pediatric, and substance use treatment
  • A program dedicated to reducing stigma
  • Assistance with tangible goods


Who is eligible for EMBARK?

Mothers who are currently receiving therapy, substance use treatment, or medically-assisted care at Mountain Comprehensive Health Clinic will be eligible to be referred to KVC’s EMBARK program. Following the referral,  KVC’s Family Care Coordinator  will complete a comprehensive needs assessment and identify the most beneficial programs, services, and resources tailored to meet each mother and families unique needs. Mothers will receive expert care from service providers and engage with community resources to build a strong and lasting support network.


* This KVC program is a collaborative effort with Mountain Comprehensive Health Corporation and has received funding from the Kentucky Attorney General’s office as part of the opioid abatement settlement.